3rd Year Graduation Projects: Ubu Roi & Up-Cycle Wedding Dress

Last week at Guildhall two of our 3rd year Stage and Costume Management Students presented their graduation projects. Students have allocated time in which to complete their projects, which can be almost anything they choose, from a written dissertation to a full on production. The time allocated can fall anywhere in the academic year, so as to work around their show allocations and 3rd year professional placement.

Emily Philpott presented her model box for the Cheek By Jowl production of Ubu Roi. Originally there was no model box created for this production, which is unusual in the industry, so Emily decided to create one. Emily tells us she’s become very familiar with the techniques used for model making, especially when it comes to glue. Here’s what Emily made.

Emily Appleton wanted to do a costume project, and she was interested in taking something that was only used once and transforming it into something you could re-use again and again. Emily settled on the idea of taking a Wedding Dress, traditionally only worn once, and transforming it into something completely different but still beautiful. Emily wanted to use her project to demonstrate all the costuming skills she has developed during her time at Guildhall, and you can see the results below.

Very impressive work by both. Well done ladies!

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