Tale of Januarie – Props Spread

Last week, the Tale of January Stage Management team held their Props Spread, which is a chance for all the creative team to view each prop acquired for a production. This is the meeting where every prop will be finalized and any additional notes about the Props will be given for the Stage Management team to work on.

Associated Studies

We are a week into February and it feels like the Christmas break was months ago as we’re SO BUSY here at Guildhall. We have just had two productions open in repertoire in the Milton Court Studio Theatre, one production is in technical rehearsals in the Milton Court Theatre, and an Opera going into Stage Rehearsals next week, so it’s all go!

Our first year Stage Management Students have been busy too. In the first two weeks of term they completed their Associated Studies module, which is where all the first year technical theatre students have an opportunity to choose another area of hands on study. Some of the Stage Management students studied Automation, Scenic Art, Costume and Theatre Technology; and we had students from different pathways come and learn what Stage Management is all about. Have a look and see what they got up to…

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A fun couple of weeks for everyone. 1st year Students will also so another 2 weeks of associated studies in the Summer Term.