Post Mortem

Our next drama production for this year is Post Mortem. Written by Noel Coward, this play is about the last moments of a young soldier in the trenches of World War I and the visions he has of his surviving friends and family in the upcoming 1930’s.

Our production will be directed by Lucy Bailey and designed by William Dudley, who is using video in the production, which will feature a lot of work by the students on the Video Design for Live Performance programme.

This morning, a military expert has visited rehearsals to talk to the company about military history, drill, weaponry and general army life in the trenches and training. His name is Callum Coates and he came prepared with examples of a Lee Enfield rifle, military uniform and drill marches. You can see the cast learning the military hierarchy and practicing standing to attention here

The company then moved on to marching drill, where the Stage Management team joined in

The production opens on Thursday 23rd November in the Milton Court Theatre

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