Love Theatre Day


Today is Love Theatre Day 2017. This year, the day is being run in association with The Stage newspaper to make sure as many people join in as possible, including theatres, productions, theatre organisations, individuals – anyone who makes or watches theatre. The aim of the day is to celebrate theatre all around the world on social media, using three themes:

  1. Backstage
  2. Ask a Theatre
  3. Showtime

To find out more about the themes and how to get involved, go to  you can also use #LoveTheatreDay to share on social media.

From The Stage’s page, the organisers “hope to inspire people to find out more about their local theatre, consider a career in the arts, and to build a lifelong habit of going to the theatre”. Obviously the consideration of a career in the arts is something we’re very keen on at Guildhall too!

Around the stage management department this last week, there’s been a definite props theme – we’ve had the props spreads for both Post Mortem and Opera Scenes, visits to the National Theatre Props and Costume Stores with the first years and the beginning of the 2017 tidy up of our on site props store.

First year student visit to The National Theatre’s Props and Costume Stores with the lovely Manuela, Costume Technician


Autumn Opera Scenes Props Spread


Post Mortem Props Spread (you can see more photos from this below)


download (1)

The clear out begins…


In the spirit of #LoveTheatreDay, if you have any questions about studying at Guildhall, stage management or theatre in general – let us know! We are on twitter @GuildhallSM and Instagram as GuildhallStageManagement, or leave us a comment on here.

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