First Year Visits

Over the last week, the first year Stage Management students have been on backstage visits to the National Theatre and English National Opera and a visit to the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising.

At the National we were shown around all three theatre spaces, plus backstage areas such as the scenery workshop, the paint frame and the props workshop. We also went to some of the free exhibition and education spaces and had a look at a props table of items from previous National productions. We also saw one of the Warhorse puppets, but we weren’t allowed to take photos of that.

Then we visited ENO at the Coliseum and met with the Stage Manager and 2 ASM’s. We watched a fit up happening onstage whilst the Stage Manager told us all about ENO and how they work. Then we went up to the fly floor and down to the pit rail.

The Museum of Brands does not allow photographs within their time tunnel. It’s an absolute dream afternoon for nostalgic people! They have packaging, newspapers, magazines and historical items and documents from the 1900’s to the present day. They also have a hall with different versions of packaging through the decades – for example one display is all of the different OXO cube packets from 1900 to the present day, along with Persil, Tate and Lyle sugar, Scholl foot powder and loads more. A really useful resource for propping.

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