Spring Associated Studies – SM Students

Whilst we’ve had visitors from other pathways during Associated Studies, our Stage Management first years have been out and about on other pathways and learning new skills.

Hope worked in Costume, where she made this skirt out of a white shirt.

Hope's shirt skirt, costume, spring term


Sophie and Jen have been working in Scenic Art, they said that it was “such a great way of learning what the DR department do and how the paint shop operate on shows as well”.


We’ve also had students working in the Video department…



…and Emily, Ellen, Tom and Luke learnt about Automation and made this routine to demonstrate the skills they’d learnt.

Spring Associated Studies – Stage Management

The Stage Management department has been teaching classes to students from other pathways this week for Spring Term Associated Studies. We’ve had students from the Technical Theatre, Design Realisation and Costume pathways taking classes in prop making, cueing to music, Photoshop and others, as well as visits to our props and furniture stores and to the props, furniture and costume stores at the National Theatre.

They learnt to make prop drinks from water, burnt sugar and food colouring

Stand out new inventions included the Radioactive Sparkle…

Radioactive Sparkle

And the Blue Planet, in which apparently “the blue and clear are a melting ice cap, the umbrella is global warming, the strawberry is a polar bear and the green on the strawberry is foliage”.

Blue Planet


At the end of the week, the Associated Studies students treated us to a presentation of food made entirely out of Smash potato, food colouring and burnt sugar solution.

Calum and Liam made a fishcake starter, with steak and chips and then key lime pie for dessert. Their table also featured a cocktail that looked it’s best when light shone through it.


Chloe and Andras presented a tomato soup, with the old favourite of fish fingers and waffles, followed by chocolate pudding. They also brought back the Blue Planet cocktail from drinks class. Chloe dressed in a rather snazzy apron to present their food.


Aster and Sofia gave us a soup, then steak for main with potatoes and green beans and then a dessert of sticky toffee pudding.


And last, but not least, we were shown a soup starter, then sausage, mash and peas for main with a chocolate pudding dessert. The drink is cola, made with burnt sugar and the phone in the photograph is showing the menu for their restaurant.


Everyone who came to visit the presentation voted for their favourite meal, Aster and Sofia won the prize, with Calum and Liam a close second, Chloe and Andras in third place and Dan and Peter in fourth.

We hope that all the Associated Studies students have enjoyed their week with us!