The Reps 2018 Props Spreads

This year our Rep Season is comprised of ‘Colder Than Here’ by Laura Wade and ‘Saved’ by Edward Bond. Both will be performed in the Milton Court Studio from 2nd February in repertoire.

‘Colder Than Here’ is directed by Lisa Blair, with set and costume design by Frankie Bradshaw. Video has been designed by Kate Yoland. The lighting design has been done by Sally McCulloch, who is a student on the Technical Theatre pathway, with sound design by Abigail Palmer, one of our Stage Management pathway students.

The props spread for ‘Colder Than Here’ can be seen below. It has a Stage Management team of four, Sissel Nielsen as Stage Manager, Pippa McLachlan as DSM and Lauren Tobin and Megan Rider as ASM’s. It has also been supported by Alix Nicholson as Props Supervisor. Set in 2005, the piece is set in a house with a dodgy boiler and centres around a family who are being forced to communicate.


‘Saved’ is directed by John Haidar, set and costume design is again by Frankie Bradshaw and sound is also Abigail Palmer. The lighting designer is Jack Wills, another student on the Technical Theatre pathway.

We were also invited to the props spread for ‘Saved’. The Stage Manager on this is Ben Cook, with Becky Thornton as DSM and Jack Sheffield and Danielle Utley as ASM’s. Alix Nicholson has also provided Props Supervisor support to this production, which is set in the 1960’s on a South London council estate.

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