Colder Than Here

Today marks the last performances of this terms production of Colder Than Here. Directed by Lisa Blair, the production has been in our studio theatre since the 2nd February.

Colder Than Here

If you missed the production, you can listen to student Lighting Designer, Sally McCulloch, and some of the cast discuss what it was like to work on the production here

Dialogues des Carmélites

This is our upcoming opera for this term in the Silk Street Theatre. With music written by Francis Poulenc, Martin Lloyd-Evans will be directing and Dominic Wheeler conducting. Set and costume design is being undertaken by takis and Robbie Butler will be the lighting designer.

The production is well into rehearsals and the fit up has begun on the Silk Street stage. As part of their first year studies, Group B have joined the production as crew and are working on the fit up. They’ve been doing yoga as a warm up before joining the fit up and learning new skills while helping out.

The opera is set in the French Revolution and follows the story of Blanche de la Force, who has joined the Carmelite convent. The piece is based on a true story and is rumoured to be very dramatic – looking forward to seeing it!

The SM team have also been busy, the props spread took place yesterday. Some photos can be seen below. The Stage Manager is Yool Lee, DSM is Anna Zentala and Chloe Siller and Juliet Hague are ASM’s.

First Year Group Presentations

Every year the first year students across all pathways are given a stimulus and asked to perform Group Presentations. This means working with students from other pathways that they may not have worked with before, as well as learning new skills and working methods from each other.


Visitors being given blindfolds whilst waiting to go into Medusa

This years theme was Monsters. The students were each given a monster and a piece of music, then separated into groups and asked to make a presentation about their monster.

  1. Medusa, Prokofiev’s Scythian Suite, Op.20 “Ala and Lolly” II. The Enemy of God and the Dance of the Spirits

We were blindfolded to enter Medusa’s lair! Medusa is the monster with snakes for hair who can turn you to stone with a glance.

2. Cerberus, Robert Plant ‘Carry Fire’ album

The audience were taken across the River of the Dead to the underworld, where we met Cerberus the three headed dog.

3. Minotaur, The Gotan Project ‘Triptico’

We followed the thread unravelling from Ariadne’s dress to follow Theseus through the Minotaur’s lair. The Minotaur is a monster who is part man and part bull.

4. Maman, Amon Tobin ‘Lost and Found Slowly’

Maman is a sculpture by Louise Bourgeois, this monster was set in the store room of the Guggenheim museum with other exhibits to look at and fire tricks.


Some of the photographs used in this blog were taken by Marc Usher, the Digital Marketing Officer here at Guildhall – thanks for sharing Marc!

The Memory of Water Props Spread

On Monday 12th February, Shelagh Stephenson’s play ‘The Memory of Water’ will open in the Milton Court Theatre. Directed by Joseph Blatchley, designed by Dora Schweitzer and lit by Elliot Smith, one of the students on the TT pathway, the production is set in the home of a recently deceased lady, whose daughters have come together for her funeral.

The production has been a lot of work for the Stage Management team, who have had to source items including a bath, a toilet and most of a kitchen! Photos from the props spread can be seen below:

Some of the props and set pieces have already moved to stage, as they needed to be in place for the lighting focus or were integral to the Production Management fit up. The props spread took these into account and the team went to stage to look at these with the designer and director.

The Stage Management team for this production is comprised of four students, Sam Agnew as Stage Manager, Anna Lavender as DSM, with Chloe Hardy and Tamsin Youngson as ASM’s. They have also been supported by Alix Nicholson as Props Supervisor.