First Year Group Presentations

Every year the first year students across all pathways are given a stimulus and asked to perform Group Presentations. This means working with students from other pathways that they may not have worked with before, as well as learning new skills and working methods from each other.


Visitors being given blindfolds whilst waiting to go into Medusa

This years theme was Monsters. The students were each given a monster and a piece of music, then separated into groups and asked to make a presentation about their monster.

  1. Medusa, Prokofiev’s Scythian Suite, Op.20 “Ala and Lolly” II. The Enemy of God and the Dance of the Spirits

We were blindfolded to enter Medusa’s lair! Medusa is the monster with snakes for hair who can turn you to stone with a glance.

2. Cerberus, Robert Plant ‘Carry Fire’ album

The audience were taken across the River of the Dead to the underworld, where we met Cerberus the three headed dog.

3. Minotaur, The Gotan Project ‘Triptico’

We followed the thread unravelling from Ariadne’s dress to follow Theseus through the Minotaur’s lair. The Minotaur is a monster who is part man and part bull.

4. Maman, Amon Tobin ‘Lost and Found Slowly’

Maman is a sculpture by Louise Bourgeois, this monster was set in the store room of the Guggenheim museum with other exhibits to look at and fire tricks.


Some of the photographs used in this blog were taken by Marc Usher, the Digital Marketing Officer here at Guildhall – thanks for sharing Marc!

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