Opera Final Preparations

As we get closer to the Opera Double Bill going onto stage for Stage and Piano and onwards, the Stage Management team have been busy making preparations.

They’ve had their props spread…

…meetings with some of the first year crew to discuss how the revolve will work and to talk through technical aspects of the production. Ben and Sam (DSM and SM) also gave the crew score references and cue information so they’ve got references for their cues…revolve briefing 2.jpg…and briefing the team ready for the Studio Runs, talking through the production and distributing cues between the team for the Studio Runs, which are today and tomorrow.team briefing 2.jpg

Toi toi for moving to stage team!

Pride’s Got Talent 2018


Several of our current students (and a graduate) have been busy working with Pride in London on Pride’s Got Talent 2018. Many of our students have worked with Pride over the years on a variety of events.

Second year student, Tash, sent these descriptions along with the photographs:

“A lot of Guildhall stage management students have worked on Pride’s Got Talent heats (as part of the Pride in London team). There was then a cabaret final (the smaller team) and a pop final both held at the Charing Cross Theatre. The second photo also shows Tom, a Guildhall graduate”.


Summer Term Associated Studies

It’s been Associated Studies time again for the last two weeks here at Guildhall, which means our Stage Management first years have been learning lots of skills with other pathways. And other pathways students have been learning about Stage Management with us!

Emily, Tom and Colin electrics

SM first years learning electrics

Some of our other SM’s have been learning about automation…


The students who are learning about Stage Management have been making some fake drinks:

Can you tell what they are?

On Monday, everyone learnt about making a variety of food from Smash Potato, here are their first offerings:

Smash food.jpg

Then on Tuesday there was a Photoshop class, where the group put together menus and posters for a restaurant. Friday afternoon was the Smash Off – the group worked in pairs to put together three course meals, with drinks, to demonstrate the skills they’ve learnt in their prop making classes this week. They also used the menus made in the Photoshop session so everyone knew what they were presenting!

Group 1 – Purée

Group 2 – Pow!

Group 3 – Mein Pony

Group 4 – Smash a Manger


The winner of the Smash Off was Group 2 – Pow! Well done all