Happy SM Day!

Today is International Stage Management Day, which is arranged by the Stage Management Association. It’s a day to show appreciation for Stage Management teams around the world who always ensure that the show goes on. You can have a look for the day on social media using #StageMgrs18

We’ve been posting student photos on our Instagram today of what stage management things they’ve been up to across the school – as well as some photos of stage management students working in other departments, they’re a multi talented bunch!

Here are some of our highlights from today:

Jonas with donuts.jpg

Jonas from Theatre Technology offering us donuts to celebrate


Every Stage Manager loves a post it note!

Stationery donation from Tanya.jpg

We received a lovely Stage Management Day gift from an SM who’s been working at the Barbican and couldn’t fit all her stationery in her bag to return to Australia – thanks!

Cosi collage

Cosi fan Tutte is in rehearsals – Colin got very excited over some prop bags and May has quite the selection of glasses for the production designer to choose from

Mercury Fur collage

Mercury Fur is in technical rehearsals – Luke and Hope (ASM’s) are busy checking and double checking their props

The first years have been learning about making blood bags


SM and Costume students have been taking IPAF training over the last few weekends

Judas collage

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot is in rehearsals and has also started fit up onstage

Judas collage 2

Sophie is clearly delighted with her role as PA for The Last Days of Judas Iscariot – the team have been testing how spinning tops work on carpet and how flammable that carpet is too!

And last but not least, our first years have been learning how to make blood bags and on a visit to Farley Prop Hire today.

One of our second year students, Tom, is currently working with the Costume department and has been busy making sure that all the costume is flame proof as the production involves a LOT of candles.

The stage manager, Juliet, and members of the cast from The Last Days of Judas Iscariot were interviewed by the Marketing department about the show. You can watch it below

Happy Stage Management Day all!


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