Mercury Fur

Tonight is the final performance of Mercury Fur in the Milton Court Studio.

Warm up

SM team warm up before their props spread

Written by Philip Ridley, the play is set in a flat in a dystopian, derelict estate in London. Two brothers plan parties where they and their guests can live out their fantasies but once events start to spiral, they have to decide what they’re willing to sacrifice to save the people they love.

Our production has been directed by John Haidar, with costume and set designs by Frankie Bradshaw. Two students from the Theatre Technology pathway are lighting and sound designers, Liam Strong and Daniel Barnicott respectively.

The Stage Management team is a team of four, Meg Carey (SM), Tash Holdaway (DSM), Luke Mason and Hope Marshall (ASM’s), as well as support from Chloe Hardy as Props Supervisor. They have had lots of challenging props to make and find, including lots of fake blood, a child’s tricycle, retracting syringes and a washing machine, not to mention the flats toilet being broken in rehearsals!

The team had so much blood in the production, that a special blood session had to be scheduled during the rehearsal process to work out how to use it and how much would be needed.

Here are some highlights from the teams Props Spread

And Halloween came early to the Milton Court running room

Photo 16-10-2018, 16 05 41

Well done all!

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