Spring Associated Studies

It’s that time of year when first year students across the Production Arts department have been taking classes within another pathway! Here’s a snapshot of what everybody’s been getting up to in Associated Studies.

…in Automation

Stage Managers are a multi talented bunch, turns out that our current first years can also dance! And make giant cardboard cut outs of Shrek’s gingerbread friend to fly.

…in Production Management

Building the tallest possible tower from sellotape and paper in just 5 minutes.

…in Costume

How many items of clothing can you make from one plain white shirt? The students came up with a dress, crop top, skirt, lots of different styles of shirt and even a bonnet!

…in Stage Management

We’ve had a lovely week with Theatre Technology and Costume students, learning some Stage Management skills and exploring how we work as a department. The first skill was making fake food – the students made a fake food feast, we were treated to lasagne, meatloaf, fish fingers, scone and jam, chocolate cake and all sorts of other goodies.

sm food - tuesday 4

Other skills covered this week included introductions to marking up, cueing to music, Photoshop and visits to the Guildhall Stores and Farley Prop Hire to learn where props can come from. We’ve also had a go at making some fake alcoholic drinks.

The week came to an end with the Great Smash Up, where the students paired up to create a three course meal and drink, along with a menu so they could demonstrate the making and Photoshop skills they’ve learnt this week. This presentation was a competition, with each visitor being invited to vote and chocolates (real not Smash) for the winners. We were treated to the following:

Spoons Snacks (Matt and Finlay) presented basic balls, 248V burger and a brownie, alongside a Xmas Quiz Half Pint. This restaurant featured the faces of Lighting Lecturers Jon and Nick, although we’re not sure if they endorse it. The gentlemen received 4 votes and came in 4th place.

Big Daddy’s (presented by Nat and Anna) served dough balls with a garlic glaze (complete with a burnt bottom to the dough balls!), hot dog and chilli loaded fries, a shake and whiskey. They received 5 votes and came 3rd.

Kabab Shabab frontmen Sami and Tom presented lentil soup, a kebab wrap, caramel kunafa and a drink. They received 9 votes and came 2nd.

The winning pair, Sam and Eilidh, showcased their restaurant Graham’s by serving butternut squash soup and homemade pollock fishcakes. There was also a choice of desserts – selection of sorbet or Chef Sam’s Special Chocolate Fudge Cake, washed down with a tequila sunrise cocktail. They received 10 votes – well done!


All in all, a very enjoyable 2 weeks of Associated Studies, the next set will take place in the first weeks of the summer term.

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