Spring Term Round Up

We’re nearly at the end of spring term for this year – and what a term it’s been! For our first years we’ve had their first round of Associated Studies, working on the Group Project and then back into classes or crewing on this terms opera A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

In Stage Management classes we’ve been learning about marking up rehearsal rooms…

…cueing to music…


…markets and where’s good to go out and buy props from in the Market Activity.

You can see a video that one of the teams made while looking around their markets here.

The students have also been learning DSM skills such as blocking and prompting, as well as skills from other departments such as Dyeing and Breaking Down with Costume…

…upholstery with Props…

…and Voice and Movement classes with the Acting Department.

The students have also been working on their Photoshop Projects, for this the students are allocated one newspaper/magazine and one item of packaging/label from a specific year and asked to recreate it using Photoshop. You can see some examples below.

Group B also crewed this term’s opera – Britten’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This production involved lots of trap doors, so the team were kept busy helping with the fit up, below stage working with the traps and up on the fly floor, amongst other jobs.


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