Summer Smash Off

It’s the end of our last round of Associated Studies for this academic year (already? How?!) and as is our way in the Stage Management department we’ve celebrated with a Smash Off.

This term’s delights were presented by Smash Shop (Maisie and Josh), Rising Sun Cafe (Tyler and Rin) and Pomme de Terre (Molly and Alice).

Smash Shop had prepared a pea soup to start, followed by steak, chips and peas with a peppercorn sauce and finished off with sticky toffee pudding and custard. They paired their courses with a margarita, a red wine and a Manhattan cocktail (pictured – love the layer separation!). They suffered some unfortunate last minute printer issues but supplied an e-menu on their mobiles – they came 3rd.

The Japanese inspired Rising Sun Cafe presented a shrimp on prawn toast starter, fish head soup for main and dorayaki for dessert. These courses were paired with a Manhattan cocktail, iced green tea and kahlua with milk. Rising Sun Cafe came 2nd.

Finally our winners with 16 votes. Pomme de Terre (or Pomme de French one as one voter wrote down) impressed with a hasselback potato with tomato and chilli sauce starter, salmon, new potatoes and asparagus main and topped off with a creme brulee dessert. These were paired with a sparkling white wine, a white wine and a mojito.

Photo 30-04-2019, 16 38 58

Cheers! for a lovely week all of you

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