Beasts of London


The Museum of London is currently hosting an immersive tour through London’s history – which is entirely narrated by the animals who have lived in and shaped the city’s history throughout time. Starting in the Roman era, the exhibit takes you through Medieval London and right through to the present day.

The project was inspired by items in the Museum’s collection and has been created in partnership with Guildhall – it uses video projection mapping and has been designed and realised by staff and students from the Production Arts department, particularly by Video Design for Live Performance. The soundtrack was also composed by composers and musicians at the school and performers have lent their voices to various animals throughout the exhibit – there’s a few famous voices in there too!

One of our third year Stage Management students, Chloe, worked on Beasts as her graduation project. She had this to say about the experience:

“Working on Beasts of London has been one of the best experiences I’ve had while at Guildhall.  As the Assistant Production Manager, I was part of an incredible, creative, and all-star team that helped to make something no one had seen before at the Museum of London – an interactive and immersive experience about the beasts who have been a part of London’s history. I worked closely with the heads of departments, creative team, and the Museum’s Project Manager, and all were invaluable parts of my learning experience.”

Here’s some behind the scenes shots that Chloe sent from her time working on the project. It’s open until January 2020 for ages 7+, tickets can be booked from Museum of London.

Video Wall

Entrance video wall

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