Opera Double Bill

Rehearsals are well underway for this year’s Opera Double Bill which will be in the Milton Court Theatre. This year it will feature Aminta e Fillide by George Frideric Handel and Venus and Adonis by John Blow. Both operas are early operatic works that explore the theme of romantic love.


The production is being directed by Victoria Newlyn, with design by Madeleine Boyd. Chad Kelly will be conducting and lighting has been designed by Andrew May.

We had the props spread for the production earlier this week, this is a chance for the Stage Management team to show all of the props and furniture that they’ve pulled together for the production to the Designer and Director. It’s a great opportunity for feedback and notes!

The two operas have very different designs, so the team have had lots of props to source. The Props Department were also in attendance as they have made several items for the operas.

If items have not arrived in time for the Props Spread, then the team show photographs of them to the Designer and Director for approval. For this production, the team have hired an airline drinks trolley which wasn’t delivered until after the Props Spread, here it is on arrival (being modeled by Calum)

Photo 15-05-2019, 12 49 14

The team have also had several adventures collecting props during rehearsals, Tom and Jess (ASM’s) collected a rocking chair and brought it back on the tube, Tash (SM) had to go to St Albans for a sofa collection and then Georgia (ASM) and Tash received a delivery of 2 astronaut helmets from America – all in a day’s work for the team.

The production will open on Monday 3rd June – for more information and to book tickets go to the main school website.

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