Musical Theatre Cafe

The Musical Theatre Cafe was open on Friday 17th in the Milton Court Cafe – it’s Abby’s graduation project!

Photo 14-05-2019, 09 49 38

The project takes us on a tour through a range of musicals from all different eras – it also showcases some lovely pies! Between the things to look at, the musical soundtrack playing the background and the American apple pie scent spray – it’s truly multi sensory!

Photo 17-05-2019, 10 46 00

Abby has made a range of table toppers with facts about 6 musicals that all have made different impacts on the industry over the years.

Here’s here second pie – it’s a bit gruesome but Abby learnt lots about moulding and casting from our Props department while making it.

Photo 17-05-2019, 10 42 53

Abby has also included the Musical Theatre Tube Map – credit to John Howrey at who makes these – it was Abby’s 18th birthday present from her sister and fitted the theme perfectly.

Photo 17-05-2019, 10 43 57

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