The Wheel: Audio Description

One of our third year students, Tom, presented his Graduation Project yesterday.

The Wheel

His project was to audio describe our current drama production The Wheel and to provide a touch tour to make the production accessible for blind or visually impaired people. Tom also took part in a podcast about the project with the Guildhall Marketing team, which you can listen to here.

Production Arts Open Day


Booking has now opened for our next Production Arts Open Day. This will take place on Thursday 7th November – for more information and to book your place go here.

The day will run from 11am until 5pm, with information available on all of the BA Production Arts pathways – Stage Management, Costume, Design Realisation and Theatre Technology, as well as the BA Video Design for Live Performance programme.

Our Open Days include the chance to speak to current students and members of staff, take part in tours of our buildings and facilities and to attend drop in sessions about each pathway. Information desks will also be available for finance and student life at the school.

Theatre Craft 2019


Guildhall will be at Theatre Craft 2019 on 11th November at the Royal Opera House. Find out more and sign up to attend here

Theatre Craft is a free theatre careers event for anyone who wants to work in theatre in a role that is not performing onstage. There will be workshops and information on offer about all kinds of roles, stage management, props, costume, producing, set design, casting, sound, lighting, make up and prosthetics, wigs, directing and loads more.

Hope to see you there!

International Stage Management Day 2019

Happy International Stage Management Day 2019! If you want to join in on social media, use #StageMgrs19. The day is organised by the Stage Management Association.

We’ve been celebrating over on our Instagram page with a story showcasing the Stage Management skills our students learn. See below for the highlights.

Some Photoshop skills above – scroll over the image for the name of student who made the image…

…transportation of props…

…fake drinks…

…first year Miriam clearly didn’t like her drink!

Learning how to write and seal old fashioned letters…

Emma P.jpg

…first aid…

Ross 3.jpg

…and what Stage Manager doesn’t love an Excel spreadsheet?

We also have Stage Management students who are on elective allocations and are learning the skills of other pathways…

Photo 10-10-2019, 08 24 17 (1).jpg

Luke is working as Production Manager for La Fedeltà Premiatahere he is with his CAD plan doing some planning with his team ahead of fit up.

And Sam is working with the Construction department and learning lots of new skills.

Happy Stage Management Day to all!

Red Velvet

Red Velvet has gone onto stage today to begin the first set of technical rehearsals of this academic year. The team have worked really hard to put the production together and source all of the props.

The above photos are of last week’s props spread – the SM teams chance to show all the props and furniture they’ve sourced to the Director and Designer. The photo on the left is the ASM’s putting the spike marks for furniture onto the stage.

The team have some silver pieces – teapots and trays, which have been in our store for a VERY long time and were not looking their best. They’d heard that you can clean silverware using ketchup – so they thought they’d give it a go!

ASM Laura has also breathed new life into one of our stock stools by reupholstering it and sanding and repainting the legs so it better fits the production.

Red Velvet will open next week in the Milton Court Studio.