International Stage Management Day 2019

Happy International Stage Management Day 2019! If you want to join in on social media, use #StageMgrs19. The day is organised by the Stage Management Association.

We’ve been celebrating over on our Instagram page with a story showcasing the Stage Management skills our students learn. See below for the highlights.

Some Photoshop skills above – scroll over the image for the name of student who made the image…

…transportation of props…

…fake drinks…

…first year Miriam clearly didn’t like her drink!

Learning how to write and seal old fashioned letters…

Emma P.jpg

…first aid…

Ross 3.jpg

…and what Stage Manager doesn’t love an Excel spreadsheet?

We also have Stage Management students who are on elective allocations and are learning the skills of other pathways…

Photo 10-10-2019, 08 24 17 (1).jpg

Luke is working as Production Manager for La Fedeltà Premiatahere he is with his CAD plan doing some planning with his team ahead of fit up.

And Sam is working with the Construction department and learning lots of new skills.

Happy Stage Management Day to all!

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