Course Structure

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What You Will Study: Stage Management

Year One

Along with all other students in the Production Arts programme, the Stage Management undergraduate students take classes in a broad range of core subjects. These include: Theatre History, Period Style, Contemporary Theatre, Health & Safety and Stagecraft & Production Process. Classes are usually project based and wherever possible have a hands-on, practical approach. For example, when studying trends in contemporary theatre we’ll take you to see some shows, and when we’re looking at period styles we’ll take you to galleries and museums to look at examples.

In this year you will also take a core module called Associated Studies, which allows you to take three short courses in other areas of production arts, such as Prop Making, Lighting, Sound, Video, Scenic Art etc.

Besides the core subjects you’ll be spending a lot of time in classes and working on projects to develop your knowledge of management skills, organising rehearsals, finding and managing props and cueing to music. Classes cover all areas of stage management and give a thorough grounding in preparation for the responsibilities to come. You will also work as crew on opera productions and the musical.

Year Two

Your second year is entirely practical. You will divide your time between working as an Assistant Stage Manager or Costume Assistant on the School’s drama and opera productions. You will work with performers, directors and designers sourcing and organising the props and costumes for each production.

You will also spend 6 weeks working in one of the areas you studied in Year One Associated Studies.

Year Three

Third Year students normally spend two terms in leading production roles as Stage Managers, Deputy Stage Managers or Production Managers. You will lead teams of second year students and take responsibility for productions from first rehearsal through to the final performance.

You will also undertake a six-week professional work placement and complete a Graduation Project.

“The Guildhall School’s theatre is a wonderful learning environment for stage managers. Since I graduated, I have worked as a company stage manager at the Rogaland Teater in Norway. My studies at Guildhall help me in my work everyday.” Dagny Moland Saebo, Technical Theatre graduate 2009.

To find out more about the pathway, watch our video Stage Management at Guildhall.

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