Graduate Exhibition 2019


Graduate Exhibition 2018

Joining us for our Graduate Exhibition?

It’s the end of year showcase for our final year students across the Production Arts Department. Each student will be exhibiting work they’re particularly proud of from their three years with us – prompt copies, graduation projects, props, costume, scenic elements, lighting, sound and video designs that have been used on our operas, dramas and musicals across the last 3 years.

The event will be taking place in Milton Court at the following times:

Wednesday 5 June, 12pm–7pm
Thursday 6 June, 11am–5pm (also our Production Arts Open Day)

Scenic Artistry

Second year Eli has been working with the Scenic Art department for the first half of this term on her allocation – they’ve been working on the Opera Double Bill.

Eli had this to say about her time in Scenic Art;

“I’ve had a really good time in scenic art! I’ve been painting the set for the Double Bill Opera. Venus and Adonis is set in a swamp shack, so there’s been a lot of: rust effects; cracked paint effects; and moss. I’ve learnt loads of new skills that will be helpful as an ASM if I ever need to break down and age furniture pieces”.

The Apothecary

Step into the Apothecary and see what there is to learn about their pills and potions.

This display is Lauren’s graduation project and was also part of the work that went towards Guildhall Live Events Beasts of London project.

Photo 26-10-2018, 14 14 07

Lauren had put together a cabinet of curiosities, including lots of pills, potions and herbs. The skeleton also added a lovely macabre touch. The fizzing potions were created with steralisation tablets.


At the very end of Spring Term, the TV Studio was converted into a forge for Tamsin’s graduation project.

Photo 21-03-2019, 12 14 31

One of Tamsin’s hobbies outside of Guildhall is blacksmithing, so she wanted to show us how it’s done.

She had 3 areas to the project, the waiting area where guests were asked to put on forge aprons, then once through the gate you were into the forge itself – where Tamsin talked through the history of blacksmithing and demonstrated some tools and techniques.

The third area showed all of the research that Tamsin had done before and during the project, including some items she had forged herself and anvils she had created.

Musical Theatre Cafe

The Musical Theatre Cafe was open on Friday 17th in the Milton Court Cafe – it’s Abby’s graduation project!

Photo 14-05-2019, 09 49 38

The project takes us on a tour through a range of musicals from all different eras – it also showcases some lovely pies! Between the things to look at, the musical soundtrack playing the background and the American apple pie scent spray – it’s truly multi sensory!

Photo 17-05-2019, 10 46 00

Abby has made a range of table toppers with facts about 6 musicals that all have made different impacts on the industry over the years.

Here’s here second pie – it’s a bit gruesome but Abby learnt lots about moulding and casting from our Props department while making it.

Photo 17-05-2019, 10 42 53

Abby has also included the Musical Theatre Tube Map – credit to John Howrey at who makes these – it was Abby’s 18th birthday present from her sister and fitted the theme perfectly.

Photo 17-05-2019, 10 43 57

Opera Double Bill

Rehearsals are well underway for this year’s Opera Double Bill which will be in the Milton Court Theatre. This year it will feature Aminta e Fillide by George Frideric Handel and Venus and Adonis by John Blow. Both operas are early operatic works that explore the theme of romantic love.


The production is being directed by Victoria Newlyn, with design by Madeleine Boyd. Chad Kelly will be conducting and lighting has been designed by Andrew May.

We had the props spread for the production earlier this week, this is a chance for the Stage Management team to show all of the props and furniture that they’ve pulled together for the production to the Designer and Director. It’s a great opportunity for feedback and notes!

The two operas have very different designs, so the team have had lots of props to source. The Props Department were also in attendance as they have made several items for the operas.

If items have not arrived in time for the Props Spread, then the team show photographs of them to the Designer and Director for approval. For this production, the team have hired an airline drinks trolley which wasn’t delivered until after the Props Spread, here it is on arrival (being modeled by Calum)

Photo 15-05-2019, 12 49 14

The team have also had several adventures collecting props during rehearsals, Tom and Jess (ASM’s) collected a rocking chair and brought it back on the tube, Tash (SM) had to go to St Albans for a sofa collection and then Georgia (ASM) and Tash received a delivery of 2 astronaut helmets from America – all in a day’s work for the team.

The production will open on Monday 3rd June – for more information and to book tickets go to the main school website.

Beasts of London


The Museum of London is currently hosting an immersive tour through London’s history – which is entirely narrated by the animals who have lived in and shaped the city’s history throughout time. Starting in the Roman era, the exhibit takes you through Medieval London and right through to the present day.

The project was inspired by items in the Museum’s collection and has been created in partnership with Guildhall – it uses video projection mapping and has been designed and realised by staff and students from the Production Arts department, particularly by Video Design for Live Performance. The soundtrack was also composed by composers and musicians at the school and performers have lent their voices to various animals throughout the exhibit – there’s a few famous voices in there too!

One of our third year Stage Management students, Chloe, worked on Beasts as her graduation project. She had this to say about the experience:

“Working on Beasts of London has been one of the best experiences I’ve had while at Guildhall.  As the Assistant Production Manager, I was part of an incredible, creative, and all-star team that helped to make something no one had seen before at the Museum of London – an interactive and immersive experience about the beasts who have been a part of London’s history. I worked closely with the heads of departments, creative team, and the Museum’s Project Manager, and all were invaluable parts of my learning experience.”

Here’s some behind the scenes shots that Chloe sent from her time working on the project. It’s open until January 2020 for ages 7+, tickets can be booked from Museum of London.

Video Wall

Entrance video wall

Summer Smash Off

It’s the end of our last round of Associated Studies for this academic year (already? How?!) and as is our way in the Stage Management department we’ve celebrated with a Smash Off.

This term’s delights were presented by Smash Shop (Maisie and Josh), Rising Sun Cafe (Tyler and Rin) and Pomme de Terre (Molly and Alice).

Smash Shop had prepared a pea soup to start, followed by steak, chips and peas with a peppercorn sauce and finished off with sticky toffee pudding and custard. They paired their courses with a margarita, a red wine and a Manhattan cocktail (pictured – love the layer separation!). They suffered some unfortunate last minute printer issues but supplied an e-menu on their mobiles – they came 3rd.

The Japanese inspired Rising Sun Cafe presented a shrimp on prawn toast starter, fish head soup for main and dorayaki for dessert. These courses were paired with a Manhattan cocktail, iced green tea and kahlua with milk. Rising Sun Cafe came 2nd.

Finally our winners with 16 votes. Pomme de Terre (or Pomme de French one as one voter wrote down) impressed with a hasselback potato with tomato and chilli sauce starter, salmon, new potatoes and asparagus main and topped off with a creme brulee dessert. These were paired with a sparkling white wine, a white wine and a mojito.

Photo 30-04-2019, 16 38 58

Cheers! for a lovely week all of you