Stage Management

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Stage Managers are gregarious, outgoing and thoroughly organised people. As a Stage Manager your ‘people skills’ are essential as you need to understand and work with actors, directors, designers and all the technical departments in the theatre.

In this pathway you will learn about organising performances to a completely professional standard. In each year you will develop your skills and by the final year you will be taking leading roles in the school’s productions.

The Stage Management Team

Assistant Stage Manager (ASM) – facilitates the DSM during the rehearsal period, this can range from changing and altering props to preparing the rehearsal room before each working session. Alongside these duties, ASM’s play a crucial part in sourcing and propping the production. Once the show is in ‘production week’, the ASM’s can be found backstage arranging the props tables, ensuring company members have their personal props with them, and running the scene changes.

Deputy Stage Manager (DSM) – is the right – hand of the Stage Manager and the Director. They are the first port of call and the main contact between the rehearsal room and everyone else. The DSM is responsible for creating a prompt copy for the show which they will later cue from when it comes to the technical rehearsal and throughout the run of the production.

Stage Manager (SM) – has the overall responsibility for the stage management team. The Stage Manager oversees the rehearsal process, manages the stage management budget and ensures that health and safety regulations are applied throughout the entirety of the production. During the technical rehearsal, the Stage Manager will run the sessions in collaboration with the Director, DSM and the production team.

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